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An intuitive and user-friendly application that can covertly record everything typed on the keyboard and monitor user activities

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Full Keylogger is a versatile application that can run in stealth mode with the purpose of secretly recording keystrokes and keeping tabs on the Internet activity that succeeds on the computer it’s installed on.

It is suited for parents who want to monitor the habits of their children, as well as for companies who want to keep a close eye on the activity of their employees.

By running in stealth mode, nobody will be able to detect its presence, leaving no room for suspicion. Only the administrator will be able to trigger it by using a preset hotkey, which will reveal the user interface of the program.

The GUI comprises all of the features one needs in order to start the monitoring process, alongside the complete log of the actions recorded during the time you were gone.

The capturing process can cover three major aspects: keystrokes, the clipboard and web surfing history, which should suffice in order to get an idea of the overall computer activity.

Other options allow you to set the application to start in invisible mode, hide it from the start menu and uninstall list (for complete invisibility), as well as to remove it from the computer (this is particular useful when you’ve disabled it from the program list).

The log can be easily searched using the built-in function in order to locate content of interest, whereas removing all of the recordings is possible using just a button.

Overall, Full Keylogger makes it easy to place surveillance over anyone, since it runs silently with very little possibility of being discovered. It lacks the possibility to take actual pictures of the activity, as opposed to most keyloggers.

Full Keylogger was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 9th, 2014
Full Keylogger - From the main window of the Full Keylogger you will be able to capture keystrokes and visited webpages.

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