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Monitor an employee’s activity in real time, automatically take screenshots and save them to disk, terminate programs, restrict the use of USB devices, turn off or restart PCs, and send messages

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LAN Employee Monitor is a Windows software application specialized in monitoring employees’ activity in real time via remote connections. It is able to capture desktop operations, automatically take screenshots, terminate programs, turn off or restart computers, as well as send messages to an employee’s computer.

The program includes a server and client version in the package. You need to install the server on the computer from where you want to control the monitoring process and deploy the agent on the remote PCs.

Working with the agent

The agent delivers a clean and simple interface where you only need to input the IP address of the server and port number. There’s also support for an advanced set of parameters designed to help you set up a password and reassign hotkeys.

Server settings

LAN Employee Monitor gives you the possibility to add a new user by providing information about the user name and port number. In addition, you are allowed to organize users in custom groups.

You can run the utility at Windows startup, set up a master password, pick the saving directory where all recordings are stored, and automatically clear data after a custom number of days.

The multi-tabbed layout offers you the freedom to easily keep track of several monitoring parameters, namely typed keyboard characters, real-time screen preview, list with all accessed websites, as well as download and upload transfer rate.

Remote actions

Remote file management options allow you to upload, delete, rename or run files, create new folders, as well as refresh the list. Plus, you can view a list with all running processes, send messages to other users, and turn off or restart the computer.

Monitoring settings

LAN Employee Monitor gives you the possibility to disable USB connection, block the downloading of IE, as well as restrict users from running several custom processes. You can automatically save the screenshots to local disk and export the key logger, web histories and transferring speed to local disk.

Several filters can be activated for Internet Explorer, as you may block user-defined websites and allow visiting several websites.

An overall efficient monitoring app

All in all, LAN Employee Monitor implements a handy suite of features for helping you keep track of employees’ activity. The intuitive package of configuration settings makes it suitable for rookies and professionals alike.

LAN Employee Monitor was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on January 3rd, 2015
LAN Employee Monitor - LAN Employee Monitor will help you capture the screen of employee's computer real time by matrix screenLAN Employee Monitor - Users will be able to access functions such as Set, Global Parameter or View History from the Option menuLAN Employee Monitor - The View menu will provide users with Keylogger, Screen, Websites, Transfer Rate, Set Parameter or Remote Control optionsLAN Employee Monitor - screenshot #4LAN Employee Monitor - screenshot #5LAN Employee Monitor - screenshot #6

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