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Password-protected tool which lets you gain access to another PC through a VPN, network or Internet connection and view screenshots in real time

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Network LookOut Administrator allows you to monitor multiple computers from a remote location. It is an administrative tool designed specifically to provide you with screenshots from other computers in real time.

Seamless setup

The program installs a console on the main computer and a client on the other remote stations. It does not pose any issues such as making unwanted changes to the default web browser or adding third-party products.

Connect through the network, Internet or a VPN

It can be used for monitoring how children, students or other employees use their machine. Although it has optimal performance on a network connection, the application can be used over a regular Internet or VPN connection. You just need to specify the IP address and have the client installed on the other computer.

Input a passkey and support for managing multiple PCs in the same time

The access to the main console and a certain agent is restricted with a password in order to prevent unauthorized users from monitoring the activity. The images of the remote desktop are updated in real time, at a custom interval that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

You can also use the app to run a certain command or to open a webpage on one or more workstations. If you use the application in a company, you can organize the devices into groups in order to perform an action on all group members.

Take control of another computer

An interesting feature is the ability to take control of a remote computer in order to assist the user in certain activities. While this option can be useful in educational or working environments, its effectiveness greatly depends on the connection type and speed.

Unfortunately, the information from the remote computer is restricted to the screenshots and does not include a list of running applications or processes. This information can be of great use for administrators and would be a nice addition for the future versions.

A final evaluation

During our tests, it required insignificant resources and had no impact on the other programs. The CPU usage depends on the image update speed, yet you can adjust the image quality to compensate for a low connection speed.

Overall, Network LookOut Administrator is a useful tool for monitoring remote computers and providing visual information about the user activity. If you are interested in taking more options, you should know that a pro version is also available for download, called Network LookOut Administrator Pro.

Network LookOut Administrator was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on August 12th, 2015
Network LookOut Administrator - In the main window of Network LookOut Administrator users can explore and modify the list of monitored computersNetwork LookOut Administrator - Users can add new remote computers by filling in the corresponding IPs, nicknames and passwordsNetwork LookOut Administrator - The Advanced Options tab can be accessed in order to enable the automatic connection at program's startNetwork LookOut Administrator - screenshot #4Network LookOut Administrator - screenshot #5Network LookOut Administrator - screenshot #6

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