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Monitor almost all aspects of computer use, record the activity and email the reports automatically using an application that runs invisible

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PC Pandora is an application that allows you to keep a very close eye on everything that happens on your computer.

With it you are able to take snapshots of the computer screen, view what programs are used and which websites are visited. You are also able to record keystrokes and entire chat sessions, view user activity and sent emails. It even provides you with insight on P2P activity, webcam use and file tracking.

That enumeration of functions alone is enough to convince you that PC Pandora is a full featured computer monitoring tool that can log and save almost all aspects of computer use or abuse. It’s important to know that PC Pandora only monitors the computer it is installed on and no other. It’s great to use on your workstation as well as at home. Moreover, PC Pandora is virtually undetectable as it hides very well during installation and run time. To bring out it’s main window you need to simultaneously press a group of keys that trigger the application. Needless to say, you can set the keys that do this.

Since the application is used to provide you with large quantities of information, it’s designed to be user-friendly and focuses on delivering that information. To facilitate viewing, it displays a comprehensive interface that makes it accessible and easy to use by virtually anyone who possess basic computer skills. PC Pandora organizes the activity chronologically by date and creates entries for every task or application activity. Some categories even provide you with pie chart graphs to get a better sense of usage percentages.

In conclusion, PC Pandora is clearly capable of offering you full computer monitoring capabilities while running incognito. And because it also provides you with automatic email reports, you can monitor computer activity from anywhere you are.

PC Pandora was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on November 22nd, 2013
PC Pandora - This is the main window of the application, where you can view some of the features that you can use.PC Pandora - By accessing the Programs tab, you will be able to block a selected program.PC Pandora - If the users want to view their activity, they need to launch the User Activity tab.PC Pandora - From the Bandwidth tab, one can view the incoming and the outgoing speed.PC PandoraPC PandoraPC PandoraPC PandoraPC PandoraPC PandoraPC PandoraPC PandoraPC PandoraPC Pandora

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