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A handy and intuitive application that gives you the possibility to record any keystroke or to take screenshots at certain periods of time

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PersianKeyLogger is a reliable utility that can help you record your keyboard and screen activity, by taking screenshots and storing every action in a TXT file. This helps you monitor your computer and any activity that is performed on it. The program requires .Net Framework installed on your computer in order to properly function.

Lightweight and intuitive keyboard monitoring tool with clean interface

The application allows you to record any keystrokes and computer changes, by storing them, along with other details in a TXT file. Additionally, you can capture any screen activity, and send the snapshots to your email or cloud account.

You can use the program to monitor any activity performed on your computer, in order to check if anyone else has access to it. For instance, you can easily verify this by checking if any activity was recorded while you were away from your computer.

Dependable and easy to use screen activity recorder that allows remote connection

PersianKeyLogger can be used to store any keystroke or recorded computer activity on your computer or on a remote server. Because the application can be ran in hidden mode, anyone accessing your computer without your permission will be monitored without noticing.

Aside from that, you can use the program to monitor a specific folder or file, by recording any change it suffers. Whenever that directory or any file it contains gets modified, renamed or deleted, PersianKeyLogger will record the change it suffered, so that you will know exactly when you modified some of your important data.

A powerful and stable keyboard and screen monitoring utility with comprehensive layout

As a conclusion, PersianKeyLogger can help you keep track of any keystrokes or activities that are performed on your computer. You can easily set the program to discreetly store the captured data on your computer or on an remote server.

PersianKeyLogger was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on May 22nd, 2014
PersianKeyLogger - PersianKeyLogger allows you to record any keystroke, then store them in a file that can be sent to your specified web server.PersianKeyLogger - From the Capture tab, you can change the frame and data capturing rate of your applications.PersianKeyLogger - By accessing the Listener tab, you can specify a folder that will be monitored for any content changes.PersianKeyLogger - screenshot #4PersianKeyLogger - screenshot #5PersianKeyLogger - screenshot #6PersianKeyLogger - screenshot #7

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