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Secretly record all keystrokes and other input

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Personal Keylogger is a very simple way to record computer activity, including keystrokes and mouse clicks.

The market already offers some very interesting products when it comes to monitoring software, but Personal Keylogger manages to set itself apart with the help of a very user-friendly approach.

While the other similar apps usually come with tons of features, Personal Keylogger is mostly focused on keystrokes, so all options are nicely grouped in a single screen. You can log alphanumeric characters, clipboard text, mouse clicks and extra keys, including Enter and Backspace.

Of course, you are allowed to choose the log output destination folder where the text document comprising all keystrokes shall be saved.

Security wise, Personal Keylogger does its job very well. The main process is called “svchost”, so it's very difficult to notice it in the Task Manager, while the main window can only be accessed by typing a user-defined secret word. This password can be typed anywhere on the screen, so make sure you select a keycode that's unlikely to be typed by any other user.

The log is generated once you enter the aforementioned password and you thus stop the monitoring process. In order to access the options screen again, you need to reopen the app.

Personal Keylogger lacks some important features though, such as the possibility to send the log by mail or to launch it minimized at computer startup, but it's still a good app to monitor the current session.

The application works smoothly on all Windows versions and it doesn't even ask for administrator privileges when launched on Windows 7 workstations. In addition, it's not identified as a malicious file by antivirus software and doesn't access the Internet to be blocked by firewalls.

Personal Keylogger was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 24th, 2012
Personal Keylogger - The Settings window of Personal Keylogger

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