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A comprehensive and easy to understand application aimed to offer you the means of tracking any and all activity on your computer

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Personal Monitor is a reliable and effective software solution developed to help you keep an eye on the activity other individuals execute on your computer, in order to make sure they do not access your personal information or run disallowed programs.

Initial configuration wizard

Right after the installation operation, you will need to setup the application, choosing the preferred working mode (between silent and visible), the client name and whether to protect it with a password.

You can also set the tracking and recording preferences, including a time interval during which Personal Monitor should not capture anything, for instance when you know you will be using the computer.

Track other people’s activity on your PC to make sure no one tamper with your data

The utility allows you to view the ‘Process Activity’, ‘Keystroke Activity’, ‘Recorded Windows’ and ‘Event Statistics’ in each of their corresponding tab, letting you learn more about them. From the ‘Process Activity’ section, you can block a certain process or highlight it, for better visualization, as well as blacklist certain programs or forbid access to a website.

The ‘Keystroke Activity’ tab enables you to view the recently typed buttons or the clipboard pasted text, being able to hide special characters or case sensitive entries. The ‘Recorded Windows’ display the snapshots grabbed during the monitoring operation, including a timestamp and helping you preview them in the side-panel or using your default image viewer.

The tool’s ‘Settings’ window helps you configure initial setup parameters, including the access password or the capture preferences, for instance the screenshot grab method, the recording interval in seconds, the area or the image quality. Optionally, you can have Personal Monitor upload the gathered data to a FTP account or sent to a certain email address.

A handy keylogging instrument

In short, Personal Monitor is a useful and easy to use application that can aims to assist you in tracking and recording other people’s actions on your PC, being able to capture images, keystrokes or block processes with minimal effort.

Personal Monitor was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on May 19th, 2014
Personal Monitor - The main window of Personal Monitor allows you to view the currently running processes on the host computerPersonal Monitor - In the Keystroke Activity window, the application displays a list of the keys pressed while using the PCPersonal Monitor - The Event Statistics window enables you to display and export a detailed activity reportPersonal Monitor - screenshot #4Personal Monitor - screenshot #5Personal Monitor - screenshot #6Personal Monitor - screenshot #7Personal Monitor - screenshot #8Personal Monitor - screenshot #9Personal Monitor - screenshot #10Personal Monitor - screenshot #11Personal Monitor - screenshot #12Personal Monitor - screenshot #13Personal Monitor - screenshot #14Personal Monitor - screenshot #15

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