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An intuitive browser-based application that allows you to seamlessly monitor the Internet activity perform on one or more computers

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Either at home or in a business environment, it is important to monitor your children, respectively employees computer activity, to ensure that they do not waste time on various websites or visit unauthorized ones.

Qustodio Professional is a comprehensive and powerful application that can help you achieve all this. It allows you to keep track of the activity of several computers, logging and monitoring it, then restrict access or give special permissions accordingly. You need to have a web browser installed on your computer in order to properly use the program.

Versatile remote activity monitor

The application provides you with the means necessary to record the activity of one or several computers at once, by recording browsing activity and visited websites. Furthermore, you can restrict the access of certain websites or grant some computers special permissions to visit them.

Qustodio Professional shines and shows its true value in business or school environments, where network administrators need a way to monitor the activity of multiple computers at once, or restrict their access to unwanted websites, all to make sure that no problems occur and the workflow is maintained.

Reliable tool for computer activity tracking

Being browser-based, the program provides you with enough flexibility to access your administrator account from any computer that is under your management. This way, you can modify access restrictions and permissions from any station in your workgroup with ease.

On top of that, you can monitor calls for computers that are able to make them, ensuring that only work-related conversations are held and no service misuses are made.

An overall powerful monitoring tool

To conclude, Qustodio Professional is ideal for individually monitoring the activity of several network-connected computers, offering you tools for both logging Internet activity and controlling access to certain websites or applications.

Qustodio Professional was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 20th, 2015
Qustodio Professional - Qustodio Professional allows you to keep track of your computer's Internet browsing and activity.Qustodio Professional - From the Social activity tab, you can monitor your Facebook account activity and wall posts.Qustodio Professional - By accessing the Web activity tab, you are able to quickly view any recently accessed websites.Qustodio ProfessionalQustodio ProfessionalQustodio ProfessionalQustodio ProfessionalQustodio ProfessionalQustodio ProfessionalQustodio ProfessionalQustodio Professional

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