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A lightweight, yet powerful application that can monitor and record any keystrokes or computer activity while you are away from it

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You never know who can access your computer while it you are away. Based on this premise, it is recommended to password protect your computer, as well as add a startup application that can monitor the activities performed on your computer, such as keystrokes.

Remote Keylogger is a handy application that can help you discreetly secure your computer, by creating keystroke monitoring tools that record every activity on your computer. This way, you are able to tell if someone has been using your computer while you were away.

Handy activity monitoring tool

The application allows you to create programs that stealthy run during the time your computer is working, monitoring and registering any change that and keystroke that occurs. By doing so, you can discover if someone is using your computer during the time you are away.

Additionally, you can send any keystrokes or recorded webcam feeds to an email address, so that you are able to remotely check if your computer is being used.

Reliable computer activity monitor

With the help of Remote Keylogger, you can discreetly capture screenshots, webcam feeds and keystrokes that occur on your computer, then send them to your email address or FTP server. This way, you can access any logged data from multiple source, if it is existent, meaning that someone used your computer without your permission.

Alternately, the application can be used to record all the activity you perform on your computer, or the one of your employees for example, in order to make sure that they are not wasting time during working hours.

A lightweight, yet highly intuitive activity logging utility

To conclude, you can easily use Remote Keylogger to keep track of every activity performed on your computer, either by you or by someone who is accessing it without your permission.

Remote Keylogger was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on July 1st, 2014
Remote Keylogger - Remote Keylogger allows you to create applications that monitor your keystrokes or other computer activity.Remote Keylogger - From the Keylogger parameters tab, you can set the application to capture screenshots or webcam feed.Remote Keylogger - By accessing the Installer tab, you can name of the process or the installation folder of keystroke monitoring tool.

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