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Powerful tool which helps you find out how people use a computer, by monitoring all activity performed on it (e.g. keystrokes, apps, IMs, websites etc.) and allowing you to follow it in real time

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Computer surveillance applies to employers, parents and virtually anyone who wants to monitor how a PC is being used while they are away. Spector Pro is a world-leading surveillance solution that attempts to record computer and Internet activity in homes or offices.

Spector Pro monitors everything from keystrokes, chat/IM software to e-mail, visited websites, Facebook activity and online searches. It leaves no trace behind and it works silently for your benefit.

Take screenshots and follow collected data in real-time

Spector Pro takes screen snapshots of the computer activity, so you can easily discover what your employees or children are up to all the time. The built-in remote viewer allows users to watch in real time the recordings from another computer, while the Playback feature enables you to view events in the exact order they took place in. The data is stored chronologically, which makes it so much easier to put the activity together.

View chat transcripts and record keystrokes

Spector Pro is also capable to monitor the most popular IM/Chat clients (e.g. AOL, Skype etc.). This module also prevents strangers from IM-ing with your children and provides accurate chat transcripts.

Another amazing feature is the one related to the keystroke recording. Users are able to view every key that has been pressed in chronological order. This includes viewing hidden characters, such as passwords that have been typed in any field.

Store everything to a hidden location

Other features worth mentioning are the possibility to record e-mail activities, application and file transfer monitor and document tracking.

The recorded information is exported in a hidden file on your computer, so that no one suspects they are being monitored. Spector Pro ensures that you are always up to date with the top 10 reports of the most important computer activities.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Spector Pro is one of the most complete computer and Internet surveillance software in its category. With its assistance, employee monitoring and parental control are considerably easier to deal with.

Spector Pro was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on August 6th, 2014
Spector Pro - Spector Pro features a streamlined interface that lets you access your recorded data and program settings from anywhere in the program.

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