007 Spy Software (formerly SpyAnytime PC Spy)

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An efficient and comprehensive computer spying tool that you can use to monitor a PC's activity secretly and keep track of their every keystroke




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007 Spy Software is a great application that allows you to monitor and record every action performed on the computer, providing you with all the necessary tracking tools.

It can run in completely invisible mode and is password protected, so no one except you is aware of its existence, and the password can prevent other people from terminating or uninstalling it.

007 Spy Software works just like a combination of invisible KeyLogger, Screen Capture, Web URLs Recorder, plus Application and File/Folder Monitor.

But not like other products sold in split package, 007 Spy Software is a complete package with all above components!

And with a extremely user-friendly setting interface, 007 Spy Software can be easily configured to fit all your detective needs.
Last updated on May 8th, 2007
007 Spy Software (formerly SpyAnytime PC Spy) - 007 Spy Software is an efficient application that can work as a keylogger, activity tracker and screenshot grabber

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