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An application that monitors every type of activity that takes place on your computer, including keystrokes, web navigation and clipboard changes

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Monitoring all the activity that takes place on your computer when you are not around can save you the trouble of having to search for the cause of any malfunctions that might arise when you are gone.

Total Spy provides you with all the necessary tools required to properly monitor every event that takes place on your system, including keystrokes, web surfing and social network activity.

Save reports detailing every keystroke

The application's keylogger capabilities allow it to record every pressed key and order them by date. This enables you to view everything that has been typed on your keyboard and track down lost passwords or forgotten website addresses.

You can also monitor and save Internet activity reports, especially useful if you want to protect your children from harmful or malware-infested websites. Besides regular web surfing, Total Spy can also keep track of any social media activity that takes place on your computer and save entire chat logs or typed emails.

Hide the application from other users

The whole point of having a keylogger on your system is to keep the fact that you are monitoring it a secret. Total Spy can be completely hidden, even from yourself, by disabling its tray icon, start menu shortcuts and control panel entry.

Obviously, you can still reach it using a four-key long shortcut on your keyboard, but even so, you have the option to demand a password before the application is revealed.

Closing arguments

Everyone wants to keep their computer safe from malware and unauthorized access, but it is more difficult to achieve when you are sharing your computer with other people, such as your children or classmates, especially if the said persons are not very tech-savvy and might put your system at risk.

Total Spy is a great solution for monitoring your computer and keeping it safe from harm, with enough options and features to satisfy even the most experienced users.

Total Spy was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on May 24th, 2014
Total Spy - The Reports Viewer tab enables you to view the keystroke and web browsing activity for specific days.Total Spy - You can capture the screen and social activity by accessing the Monitoring Tools tab.Total Spy - To set up a hotkey that makes Total Spy visible, as well as add a password, you can modify the Security Settings.

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