Windows Activity Monitor

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Monitors user's computer activity, track active windows and processes with the help of this unobtrusive application that can be accessed remotely





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Windows Activity Monitor periodically records foreground window and its process executable to give out various statistics and charts. You can group windows and/or processes using regular expressions and see simplified output like "Work", "School", "Fun", etc.

The application features a browser interface that supports remote access, enabling users to monitor a computer's activity from afar.
Last updated on March 8th, 2015
Windows Activity Monitor - By accessing the Statistics tab, users can view a pie-chart of how much time users have spent in various applications.Windows Activity Monitor - Users can track application usage by window or process name, using regular expressions.Windows Activity Monitor - The Processes tab enables users to view when were various windows open or focused.Windows Activity Monitor - screenshot #4Windows Activity Monitor - screenshot #5

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