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You can easily and efficiently secure your folder against open, copy, move and delete actions with this simple software solution

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It is quite difficult sometimes to feel like your personal data and private information is not at risk of being wrongly used by third-party applications, or even other people who happen to access your computer. The Windows login hardly provides an air-tight protection level, and this is why you might feel the need to resort to additional security measure.

Alfa Folder Locker is an easy to use piece of software designed to help you secure your most important files and folders, by enabling you to password-protect them, in just moments.

The application is quite simple, all you have to do is browse for the target folder and add it to the main window. The next step consists of entering your chosen password twice, in order to make sure you typed it in correctly. The last move is to press the 'Lock' button, and your folder is now protected against any outside access. This way, no files inside that directory can be opened, copied, moved or deleted.

An interesting feature is the fact that the application does not use a master password, allowing you to lock (and unlock) each folder using a different character combination every time. This means that if someone finds out the password you used on one item, they will still not have access to all the other directories you encrypted with this utility.

Moreover, Alfa Folder Locker automatically integrates into your Windows context menu, so when you want to quickly lock a sensitive directory, you can just right-click and select the 'Lock / Unlock This Folder' option, providing you with quick data protection.

Alfa Folder Locker is a useful and reliable tool that can prove of great help in trying to prevent unwanted access to your files and folders. You can use it successfully with any directory you want, as it works regardless of your user privileges.

Alfa Folder Locker was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on November 7th, 2013
Alfa Folder Locker - Alfa Folder Locker is a simple and handy tool that helps you lock any folder by a password.Alfa Folder Locker - From this window, you will be able to choose which password you want to assign to the selected folder.

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