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A lightweight and straightforward software solution that enables you to set a number of restrictions to personal files and folders

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When you share the home computer with multiple people or you consider account password is not a suitable security measure, you can start looking for more advanced alternatives. Various specialized applications such as Easy File Locker give you the possibility to set a number of restrictions to prevent unauthorized access to classified files or folders.

Lightweight and easy to use

Launching the application unveils an incredibly simple interface that manages to store all its features in the upper toolbar, under small, intuitive buttons. Most space is taken up by a list that displays imported elements along with their current security status, type and full path.

Quick file importing methods

After you figure out which files or folders should not be accessed by anyone else except yourself, simply by having them dragged over the main window gets them ready for processing. Additionally, you can browse through your hard disk drive with a dedicated file explorer in order to locate desired items.

Only a few options to work with

There are not many options to handle when it comes to file safety. Imported items have a few check boxes that correspond to accessibility, writing, visibility and whether or not they can be deleted. Once settings are chosen you can completely close the application, your files remaining in the configured state.

Extra awareness required with folders

One important feature that is missing is a context menu entry, which would have almost completely eliminated the need to bring up the main window each time you want to secure a file. Moreover, when it comes to folders, it is not enough to leave them visible and accessible, because content is not affected by the write and delete options, making files stored in the given folder completely vulnerable unless individually handled.

More security with a password

For enhanced security, the application allows you to set a master password with the help of which you gain access to the interface, as well as changing settings or accessing restricted files on the fly. There is also an integrated option that completely lifts all restrictions on all files until further notice.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Easy File Locker is nothing but a straightforward application with the help of which you can add just a bit more to the security of important files. Included features are shallow, but if you're looking for something lightweight and simple, this is the tool for you.

Easy File Locker was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on August 8th, 2014
Easy File Locker - This is the main window that allows you to view the protected files and folders.Easy File Locker - The System menu enables you to start or stop the protection and to set a password that will prevent the misuse of the program.Easy File Locker - You can add files or change the parameters of a certain item from the Edit menu.

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