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Use more passwords and a security question to lock down your screen in order to keep your desktop safe while you are away from keyboard

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Keeping your computer safe does not only mean having an antivirus software installed. Leaving your desktop available to anyone might make you the victim of a prank or even worse. Luckily, specialized applications like GrekSoft Advanced Screen Locker give you the possibility to keep your data safe while away from keyboard.

Lightweight and easy to use

Your desktop user might not always be equipped with a security key in order to be able to quickly lock down your screen. This application gives you the possibility to use a different password each time.

System resources used are not a thing to worry about and the amount of space taken on your hard disk drive is roughly around 500 Kb. Locking down your screen only depends on your typing skills. Writing down a security key of your choice and pressing a button is all there is to it.

More requirements to keep your desktop safe

Overall, the application is not the best of its kind, but it does try to offer alternatives that tip the scales in its favor. In other words, besides the password field, you can use a secondary one, as well as write down a security question and answer for increased protection.

Unfortunately, this needs to be done every time, with no possibility to save your current configuration. When your screen is unlocked, the application automatically closes, launching it again and providing security details is the only way to lock down your screen once more.

There is no support for hotkeys, which would have made it easier to keep the main window hidden in the system tray and lock your screen at the press of a few buttons with the given details.

To end with

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that GrekSoft Advanced Screen Locker is by far not the best on the block, but does manage to get the job done good. You are able to increase security with more unlock requirements, the application also restricting several Windows features to make it difficult to bypass.

GrekSoft Advanced Screen Locker was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on June 7th, 2014
GrekSoft Advanced Screen Locker - GrekSoft Advanced Screen Locker allows you to set extra security measures for your computer.

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