Exlade Disk Password Protection

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A handy and reliable program designed to password-protect the boot sequence and also to restrict the access to specific partitions

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If you share your computer with other users and you want to make sure they do not make any changes to your drives and partitions, you can rely on Exlade Disk Password Protection. The application installs within seconds and you will be able to password-protect any drives you select.

Have disk drives protected within seconds

For instance, you can restrict access to a partition where you might store your confidential documents - a protected partition cannot be accessed or modified by unauthorized persons. You simply need to select which partition you want to process, then enter whatever password you want.

Quickly get acquainted with its features

The interface sports a simple look, with elements cleverly arranged throughout the workspace so that they are easy to spot. An upper toolbar is home to major functions that are found under intuitive icons. In addition, a side panel provides thorough information on selected drives and lets you select available options.

Completely restricts unauthorized access

Alternatively, you can password protect the boot sequence, so that the operating system does not start from the protected disk until the valid password is specified.

Furthermore, you can increase the security of Exlade Disk Password Protection by assigning a password even for accessing the application. In other words, only those who know the correct passphrase will be able to open the software utility and manage the encrypted partitions and disks.

To end with

All in all, the app comes in handy to those who store confidential documents on their computer and want to make sure that they can be accessed only by authorized people, thus preventing data leaks. Even though it does not leave a lot of room for customization, the tool helps both novices and experts protect their privacy.

Exlade Disk Password Protection was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on July 14th, 2015
Exlade Disk Password Protection - Exlade Disk Password Protection displays information about the partitions on your hard disk.Exlade Disk Password Protection - You can protect each of your partitions with passwords, in order to prevent unauthorized access.Exlade Disk Password Protection - From the Tools menu you can set up a password to restrict booting your computer.Exlade Disk Password ProtectionExlade Disk Password Protection

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