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Use your fingerprint to safely and quickly log in to any website that requires authentication with the help of this powerful application

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HP SimplePass is a useful tool that allows you to access websites and enter passwords by taking advantage of the biometric devices connected to your computer. The program is designed for the Hewlett-Packard laptops that include a fingerprint recognition device.

Providing maximum security for your credentials

The integration of fingerprint readers in mobile devices such as laptops and smart phones is designed to increase the data security and prevent other users from accessing restricted resources.

The main advantage of the fingerprint is that it cannot be guessed, broken or imitated by other persons. Although the spy movie fans can argue that it is not impossible to break, the fingerprint is sure to be more secure than a regular password.

Log in using your fingerprint

Although it is used more frequently on company laptops, this technology became less expensive and is also available for home users. If you have purchased a device that has a fingerprint recognition system its usage can be extended beyond authenticating yourself when logging on.

This tool is able to use your fingerprint to securely store passwords and use them to login on various websites. You just need to store the username and the password in the application in order to use the fingerprint authentication.

Blends in with your preferred web browser

During the installation, the program adds browser plug-ins on popular Internet browsers such as Chrome or Firefox which enables you to easily launch a website by swiping your finger on the reader.

Unfortunately, this operation forces the browser to close without any warning. Make sure that you have backed up your information before running the installer or removing the app from your computer.

Migrate stored credentials on other devices

If you have used this application and need to change your laptop, the Export Identity feature enables you to create a file that includes the entire configuration and can be imported on your other device within seconds. The file is protected by an additional password in order to prevent unauthorized usage.

In conclusion

All in all, if you want to save the time required to enter your user and password, HP SimplePass is the right tool for the job. It does not take a lot to get acquainted with its features and once you do so, accessibility is greatly enhanced, as well as your credentials kept safe.

HP SimplePass was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on August 8th, 2014
HP SimplePass - HP SimplePass comes with an easy to use interface that makes all the features quickly accessible.HP SimplePass - With HP SimplePass you can also keep your preferred websites secure and you can personalize the entries by assigning different icons.HP SimplePass - Configuring HP SimplePass can be easily done via the 'Personal Settings' module of the application.

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