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Block the access to your important folders by assigning them a password and lock them down using this lightweight and simple application

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Privacy protection is one of the main concerns of any PC user, considering the ever-increasing number of data theft attempts in the virtual environment. As such, there are a variety of applications out there ready to assist you in securing sensitive data.

Lock your folders without effort

Hook Folder Locker is one of the software solutions that can help you in this matter and as you might imagine just by reading its name, its purpose is to lockdown directories stored on your computer that contain important or confidential information.

The application is very easy to work with and does not require installation, so you can launch it directly from a USB removable device without worrying that your system's registry will be affected.

Portability and ease of use

Its interface looks like a real lock, graphically suggesting its objective. Focused on efficiency, it displays all the options within reach and it does not include any menus whatsoever, which makes it very intuitive.

In order to use it, your only task is to browse for the folder you want to lock and press the designated button within the main window. Once you do so, a popup window appears, prompting you to enter the password you want Hook Folder Locker to assign to the selected directory.

A locked folder cannot be accessed by anyone, unless it is unlocked first with Hook Folder Locker. Practically, the application makes it impossible to open to those who don't use this software and don't know the user-defined password.

A good security tool for all users

Hook Folder Locker is one of the many solutions out there that can safeguard important files you store on your PC, making sure that others don't access them without your consent. It is a way to protect your privacy in a virtual world where security should be a priority to all.

Hook Folder Locker was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on March 10th, 2014
Hook Folder Locker - You can select the folder you want to lock from the main window of Hook Folder Locker.Hook Folder Locker - Hook Folder Locker prompts you to enter the desired password that will be used in the encryption process.

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