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A simple and lightweight utility that enables you to lock and hide your sensitive data, using password protection and secure folders

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Although your operating system may offer you the possibility to hide folders, they are easy to find and reveal, since they are not protected by anything else. Thus, they cannot be considered as an option if you need to secure your sensitive data, especially on computers shared by more users at once.

Lock and hide your folders

Leo Folder Locker is a software utility designed to help you with this aspect, by allowing you to quickly hide and password-protect your folders containing the desired information. To do that, you can choose the password used to lock and unlock them, as well as a security question in case you ever forget the combination.

The application sports an old-fashioned interface, with a command-line-based main window where you can type the desired commands. It is, however, very easy to get the hang of it, since you are instructed every step of the way by the helpful text tips displayed inside the utility. Thus, to create a locked folder, all you need to do is to select a password and a security question, while the application takes care of the rest.

Protect your sensitive files

After the initial setup, you are informed that a folder has been created on your computer and that you can copy the desired information into it. After you do so, you have to restart the utility and lock the directory. It is worth noting that, if you do not complete the second step, the folder is not protected at all and is still visible to everyone.

Although the application does not use any form of encryption on your data, the created folder is hidden after the lock procedure is finished and you cannot access it by any means, except if you restart the utility yet again and enter the correct password. As a precaution, you should make sure that you do not forget the combination and the security question, since it leaves you unable to reach the files.

Quick and secure efficient protection

All in all, despite the fact that Leo Folder Locker does not offer you a wide array of features and options, it does manage to accomplish its purpose and properly hide your files without a trace. In addition, the CLI-based interface is very intuitive and easy-to-use, even if you are not experienced with terminal-based programs.

Leo Folder Locker was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on December 19th, 2014
Leo Folder Locker - Before you can use Leo Folder Locker you must go through the configuration process.Leo Folder Locker - Leo Folder Locker prompts you to enter a password that will be used to protect the locked folders.Leo Folder Locker - Leo Folder Locker can set a unique code for you to use in case you forget the password.Leo Folder Locker - screenshot #4Leo Folder Locker - screenshot #5Leo Folder Locker - screenshot #6Leo Folder Locker - screenshot #7Leo Folder Locker - screenshot #8Leo Folder Locker - screenshot #9Leo Folder Locker - screenshot #10Leo Folder Locker - screenshot #11

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