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Handle most of your operating system's features to lock them down for extra safety with this powerful and easy to use application

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Keeping your data private isn't such an easy task, although most people would be tempted to believe that setting up a password would do the job. Well, that's not entirely so, therefore a tool like PC Security might come in handy.

Restricting access to various Windows features

What this software solution actually does is lock some key areas of your computer, be they files, windows, applications, the Internet or system tools.

Some level of caution required

PC Security relies on a straightforward interface that enables you to lock files, windows, programs, folders and drives with a single click, but pay extra care to all of these settings as they may block you from accessing personal data.

There is an option to reset the password but it's better to look carefully every time you set up a new lock and keep your password safe and at hand.

Rich configurable options

Most of the tools are pretty easy to use, relying on a very clean interface and minimal configuration, but, once again, it's strongly recommended to pay attention to every action you take.

There's also a settings menu where you can change the master password, instead you can play a little bit with the admin settings. You thus have the option to disable safe mode booting, disable password reset, relock security on logoff and many other tools.

To end with

Overall, PC Security is a nice utility if you wish to add more protection to your computer. The program is not difficult to operate but it surely requires extra attention to avoid getting locked out of your own system. However, if you manage to get past the rigid interface it can be of great help of keeping your system a little safer.

PC Security was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 8th, 2014
PC Security - PC Security will help you lock down your system like never before and have total control over your computerPC Security - The Action menu will provide users with various lock options as well as a master security switchPC Security - Users will be able to lock particular files and quickly unlock them within the File Lock section of the applicationPC SecurityPC SecurityPC SecurityPC SecurityPC SecurityPC SecurityPC SecurityPC SecurityPC Security

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