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A lightweight and efficient computer control software for guarding your system and limiting the time children spend online or playing games





Parental Lock Guard is a complex and reliable software solution aimed to offer you the means of controlling your children’s activity on the computer, by blocking their access to certain applications or limiting the time they spend on the PC.

The utility is very easy to understand and work with, so regardless of your level of prior experience, you will not encounter much difficulty in handling it from the first try. The clean and straightforward appearance makes it approachable for anyone wishing to control the amount of time children spend on the computer.

Once installed, using your administrator privileges, the program cannot be shutdown by anyone other than the system administrator, so kids will not be able to close it even from Task Manager, if the proper credentials are not supplied.

Parental Lock Guard helps you schedule a precise number of hours during which the computer can be used, thus limiting children’s excessive access to games or the Internet and preventing them from wasting time on useless activities.

Moreover, the tool enables you to decide if other users can change, rename, move, delete or even view your most important folders, restricting other users’ permission on using the PC. Similarly, files and folders can be locked, preventing access to them from non-administrators.

Parental Lock Guard allows you to set the computer to shutdown if a certain forbidden activity is performed, thus completely disallowing the user from continuing. The ‘Internet Spy’ component lets you keep an eye on children’s online actions, making sure they do not visit certain websites.
Last updated on November 18th, 2004
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