Transparent Screen Lock PRO

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Password protect your workstation or server while viewing programs running in background with the help of this easy to configure application

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Transparent Screen Lock PRO is a software solution designed to help users secure their desktop while still enabling them to monitor on-screen activity. It is both easy to use and configure.

Customize and restrict the ways in which users can interact with computer systems

The program is meant to limit access to the system to unauthorized individuals by locking the desktop. This means that one can view applications that are currently running in maximized or focused windows, but cannot interact with them.

Limiting system access and interaction in such a way has many advantages in business, industrial, research, public or retail environments.

The main window of the application enables one to configure its various functions and features. This can be done by accessing its various tabs.

A highly configurable software solution

Transparent Screen Lock PRO aims to provide a comprehensive security solution, and enables users to customize its behavior in detail.

The first tab provides a means of configuring who can unlock the system, or change the application's settings. Access can be limited to groups of users and various features, such as the Control + Alt + Delete menu and Task Manager can be disabled.

The next tab enables administrators to configure what will be visible while the screen is locked. The desktop can be blanked, set to a specific color, desktop icons can be hidden and a special Plasma Saver mode can be activated. In this mode a black bar of variable size scans the screen either horizontally or vertically. The purpose of this mode is to prevent screen burn-in. The Configure button allows users to change the various Plasma Saver Mode settings including the width, speed and orientation of the bar.


Transparent Screen Lock PRO is a powerful, comprehensive and customizable access management solution that offers system administrators a means of limiting user interactions with a computer, while allowing it to continue to display useful information.

Transparent Screen Lock PRO was reviewed by Corneliu Paval
Last updated on March 16th, 2015
Transparent Screen Lock PRO - The main window of Transparent Screen Lock PRO enables users to configure which users can make changes to its settings.Transparent Screen Lock PRO - The visibility tab enables users to configure the application to blank the desktop, hide icons, or enable Plasma Saver mode.Transparent Screen Lock PRO - By accessing the dedicated tab, users can specify a custom password that can be used to unlock their desktop.Transparent Screen Lock PRO - screenshot #4Transparent Screen Lock PRO - screenshot #5Transparent Screen Lock PRO - screenshot #6Transparent Screen Lock PRO - screenshot #7Transparent Screen Lock PRO - screenshot #8Transparent Screen Lock PRO - screenshot #9

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