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A lightweight and easy to use application that allows you to seamlessly block the access to any webpage or computer program on the spot

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In order to block the access to a certain website or application, you need specialized help from certain software solutions. one of them is WebAndAppBlocker. It helps you control and restrict the access to certain websites and applications with ease. In order to work without errors, the application requires .Net Framework installed on your computer.

Sturdy content blocking tool

The program can help you restrict the access to several time-killing or addictive websites, so that you will not waste time browsing them.

Furthermore, you can also block applications, ranging from games to private ones, thus blocking any attempt to open them.

Dependable work optimization utility that blocks content

The application can be ran only once, and then stopped after you have selected the websites and applications that you want to block. You can choose a password for your program, so that anyone that accesses it will not be able to unblock any of the websites or applications that you restricted.

Aside from that, you can use the tool to count the time you spend working and the one spend browsing other unrelated websites or applications that you do not wish to browse during working hours. After the working time is over, you can remove the blockage and take a break by accessing your favorite websites, such as a social network or online magazine.

A reliable and powerful time management program

By blocking the access to certain applications or websites, you can optimize your working time, as you can focus more on your projects instead of wasting time on social networks or other similar tools.

To sum it up, WebAndAppBlocker provides you with a reliable method of restricting access to applications or websites, as you can password-protect the program in case someone attempts to unblock the blacklisted content.

WebAndAppBlocker was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 17th, 2014
WebAndAppBlocker - The main window of WebAndAppBlocker allows you to input the URL that you wish to blockWebAndAppBlocker - The dedicated window enables you to define a password for working with the program

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