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You can use this efficient and reliable piece of software to protect your files and folders by locking, hiding them or making them 'Read Only'

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Zedix File Security is a simple yet very effective program designed to provide you with the proper means of protecting the integrity of the files and folders on your system, preventing anyone from accessing or modifying them without your consent.

The application is fairly simple to work with, featuring a user-friendly interface that comprises all of its functions in a neatly organized window, enabling you to access and work with them with just one click, without having to configure endless options and preferences.

Additionally, Zedix File Security lets you set a password which you will be required to input every time you launch it. This way, you can prevent the people that also work on your PC from using it against you and removing the protection you set up. As such, make sure you use a strong password, yet one that you will be able to remember easily.

After opening Zedix File Security, you can select the item you want to protect, either 'Files' or 'Folders', then choose the action you want to perform. In the case of 'Folders', you can 'Scan' them to detect if there are any hidden objects, which could pose a threat to the security of your computer. Similarly, you can 'Hide' or 'Show' directories as well as 'Lock' or 'Unlock' them, or you can make them unmodifiable by using the 'Read Only' feature.

These options are also available for 'Files', with the exception of the 'Scan' function. When you wish to reverse the effects of the 'Lock', 'Hide' or 'Read Only', you need to open Zedix File Security and pick the adequate function.

To conclude, Zedix File Security is an efficient and intuitive software solution that enables you to dispose of your data, be it in the form of files or folders, however you please, allowing you to determine whether other people can access and use your documents or not.

Zedix File Security was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 25th, 2014
Zedix File Security - The main window of Zedix File Security allows you to select the file or directory that you want to work withZedix File Security - The Setup window enables you to input the password required to access the applicationZedix File Security - In the Scan window, you can see the contents of a chosen directory, along with their extension, name and creation date

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