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A simple to use application that enables you to easily lock private files and folders, in order to protect them from unauthorised acces

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Zee Locker is a reliable software that enables you to keep personal files and folders protected from unauthorised access. The program is designed to lock or unlock the selected file/folder in order to hide/unhide it from view. Hidden files and folders cannot be viewed as being stored at a particular location, so they cannot be accessed.

Simple method of protecting personal data

Zee Locker is simple to use, since it can turn the selected file or folder hidden. Once you enable the Hidden attribute for a file or a folder, you cannot view it at its known location and you cannot reverse the action without the proper instruments. Zee Locker allows you to view all the files and the folders you store on your computer, regardless if they are hidden or not.

Simply select the desired object then let the software encrypt it and hide away from unauthorised view or use. No one can view the hidden files/folder, not even the person who locked them. The software can easily recognize the current logged in user and function according to the preset options. Thus, it can easily recognize which files are hidden and allows you to select them in case you wish to unlock them.

Password protected program

Once you have locked a file or a folder, only Zee Locker can reverse the action and make them accessible again. This is why the software prompts you to choose a master password in order to restrict the access to its interface. The master password is strong and difficult to override, which makes it suitable to protect the path to your private files/folders.

You need to enter the password in order to open the software, but you can easily change it from the Control Panel menu within Zee Locker. Once you opened the software, you have full access to locking or unlocking any file/folder.

Reliable security tool

Zee Locker represents a simple solution to locking file or folders in order to protect them from being viewed or accessed. It is lightweight and it does not use complicated algorithms in order to encrypt files or folders. Instead it applies an easy, yet effective protection method, in order to secure your private data from prying eyes.

Zee Locker was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 1st, 2014
Zee Locker - Zee Locker is a simple to use application that enables you to protect your private files and folders from unauthorised use.Zee Locker - The software enables you to lock any file or folder instantly, by turning it hidden, so no other user can view or access it.Zee Locker - You can lock the access to the program with the help of a strong master password, so no user can unlock a private file.

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