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A lightweight software solution for anyone who wants to create both simple and highly complex passwords which can be used to protect various digital belongings

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Advanced Password Generator, as its name suggests is a tool that you can use to create any number of passwords which can then be associated with various online accounts or other services and applications.

You can’t go wrong with this password generator

The application displays a more than comprehensive user interface which makes it appropriate to all types of users. It’s both visually pleasing and easy to operate, giving you the impression that it is a practical tool from the first interaction.

With Advanced Password Generator, the process of generating a password is highly simplified. All that you need to do is choose the type of characters you want to use, the password length and then click the generate button.

The new passkey is immediately displayed in a section of the main window and can be copied to Clipboard.

Easily combine multiple types of characters into one password

Some services or applications can handle only a certain type of characters for the password and for this reason Advanced Password Generator allows you to choose which you want to use.

You are able to create a password from digits, lowercase or uppercase letters as well as special characters. You can combine any of these four types, in twos, threes or all into one password, thus increasing its strength. Moreover, you can also choose the length of the password and surprisingly enough, the app can generate keys with up to 4500 characters.

The good and the bad, but mostly the good

To sum things up, Advanced Password Generator is by all means a handy and practical piece of software which does its job exactly as it should. The only thing missing from it seems to be the option to set your own custom characters and use them.

Advanced Password Generator was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 30th, 2014
Advanced Password Generator - From the main window of Advanced Password Generator you are able to create random passwords.