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You can use this simple and user-friendly application to quickly generate complex yet random passwords for your multiple accounts

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Advanced Password Generator is a lightweight piece of software whose main function is to help you generate completely random passwords with predefined character types, which you can use to protect the security of your various online accounts and profiles.

Personal security in the online environment has become an increasing concern nowadays, particularly since now password that you use seems to be safe enough to keep you at bay from harmful attacks. Most of the time, that happens because the access key you use is either too simple, too short or easily guessed based on your preferences in music, films or books.

Advanced Password Generator aims to offer you the ability to create random passwords, that can have a higher protection level, by being difficult to guess or reproduce from memory by someone who spies on you entering your password.

The application allows you to set the minimum and maximum number of characters it can contain, as well as their type ('Lowercase Letters', 'Uppercase letters', 'Numbers', 'Special Characters', 'Unique Characters'). Once you have entered these preferences, you can click on the 'Generate' button and within moments, you will be able to copy it 'To Clipboard', but only by using the assigned button, then paste in the field you need.

Moreover, Advanced Password Generator does not require an installation process, meaning you can run it from any USB stick, on a compatible computer at home or at work, without it leaving any traces in the system's registry. At the same time, this means it can be removed simply by deleting the containing folder.

To summarize, Advanced Password Generator is a reliable tool that proves quite handy and efficient in enabling you to create a complex access key to protect your personal information.

Advanced Password Generator was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 8th, 2014
Advanced Password Generator - Advanced Password Generator is a simple application that enables you to create complex password for your accounts