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User-friendly and powerful password recovery program that features two different modes (Dictionary and Brute Force) for decrypting Excel files

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Ms Word Excel Cracker is a handy and reliable application designed to recover passwords from protected Excel documents. It manages to do so by applying a Brute Force or Dictionary Attack in order to decrypt the secure file.

Situations that involve forgetting document passwords happen often and recovering those passwords is difficult. Gaining access to such documents requires specialized software utilities that can decipher the text used to protect the original file.

Work with two different attack modes for recovering passwords

Ms Word Excel Cracker is one of the applications that helps you decrypt any password that shields an XLS or DOC file. In order to perform this job, it relies on two major types of attacks, namely Dictionary and Brute Force.

Configuration settings that apply to Dictionary attack

The former relies on a document that includes various sets of characters that may fit the hunted password. Ms Word Excel Cracker does not include such a Dictionary file, which means you have to search for one and load it into the application. Keep in mind that this method might not pay the expected results, since it all depends on a document that may not include your combination of characters and numbers.

Brute Force attack options

A much more reliable approach is the Brute Force attack, which uses a mix of Latin and special symbols, digits and spaces in order to deliver the password. Unlike the above mentioned one, it sports a much more customizable plethora of options, which also includes the possibility to set the minimum / maximum length of the text.

Testing its performance

During our tests, the application paid outstanding results. A decryption process on a document protected by a 10-letter password took no more than three minutes, which is great compared to similar software.

An efficient and reliable password recovery app

In conclusion, you can use Ms Word Excel Cracker with confidence if you’re confronted with an encrypted document which you don’t remember the password for. The program’s simplicity, combined with its undeniable speed make it a top choice.

Ms Word Excel Cracker was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on August 12th, 2014
Ms Word Excel Cracker - You can use Ms Word Excel Cracker to quickly find the password yo your Excel file.

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