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Recover lost Firefox passwords and login information with this powerful application that uses dictionary, brute-force or mixed attacks to retrieve data

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Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers around, with millions of users worldwide. It is highly accessible and powerful, more so when dealing with storing login credentials for various online resources. For users who want to extract or recover those security keys, Firefox Password represents a viable solution.

Restore stored Firefox security keys

The application allows its users to recover Mozilla master passwords, as well as to view saved logins or passwords. There are two methods to perform this process: either with the user providing the master password - case in which all vaulted keys are automatically extracted; or without any prior information, situation in which the program can perform brute-force, dictionary or mixed attacks on the target profile file to obtain the master password.

As implied in the previous paragraph, a valid Firefox installation – or at least a 'Key3.db' profile document and corresponding login database must be present for the tool to properly function.

Customize the process with the Expert Mode

Cracking a security vault is, in essence, a simple process of selecting the target Firefox profile and choosing which method to employ. As one can see, the program's layout is very user-friendly and recovery can commence with just a few mouse clicks.

More advanced users will, however, appreciate the “Expert Mode”, a function that allows one to select the 'key3.db' document manually, as well as to choose the Mozilla profile 'signons.sqlite' database. One of the great features of the program is the ability to load custom dictionaries, an option that can significantly improve results, especially in the case of multilingual passwords.

A powerful solution for quick recovery of Mozilla's credentials database master password

To conclude, Firefox Password is a highly practical application for anyone who uses Mozilla's master password to protect active profiles. The program allows one to recover the master password and, with it, any login credentials stored locally by the browser.

Firefox Password was reviewed by Mircea Saveanu
Last updated on August 24th, 2015
Firefox Password - The main window allows users to issue dictionary, brute-force or mixed attacks on Firefox profile filesFirefox Password - The program can automatically list all relevant Mozilla user profiles and one can also scan for target documentsFirefox Password - Firefox Password's functionality can be significantly improved with the use of customized dictionary filesFirefox PasswordFirefox Password

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