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You can store important data, such as passwords and usernames in a secure space, provided by this application plus protected with a master key

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KeePassX is a reliable, cross-platform application that allows you to store your login credentials in a secure space. It is a suitable solution for users who do not wish to let their browser save the passwords for a particular account or keep the information in an accessible place. It is especially useful for shared computers.

Store your passwords in a protected space

KeePassX is secured with a master key, which you need to provide to gain access to your password profile. You can store a multitude of entries, each containing the username, password, website and optional notes. The main window of the program displays the username and website, for a simpler identification.

Each entry can be easily modified or appended with advanced information, such as custom attributes - which you can define manually -, attachments, icons and auto-type. Auto-type is a function that you can enable or disable at any time, as well as customize with the preferred sequences.

Password database manager

Each profile you create in KeePassX is named and treated as a database. Such a database is protected by a master key, that you need to specify each time you create a new group. You may enhance the database protection by adding a key file from a local folder. Otherwise, you just need to provide the master key.

The program allows you to copy the username, password or attributes from each entry in a database, then easily import them into the dedicated fields, on the website. The application does not differentiate between passwords for online accounts, applications or other instanced that require logging in.

Reliable searching engine

KeePassX features a powerful finder function that allows you to locate the preferred information in less than a second. The program is user-friendly, features an intuitive interface and allows you to easily manage important data. It is a suitable privacy protection tool for users who share the same computer.

KeePassX was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on September 11th, 2015
KeePassX - This is the main window of KeePassX, where you will be able to manage passwords.KeePassX - In this window of KeePassX, you will be able to create new databases and set their master key.KeePassX - KeePassX allows you to easily add new passwords to the database using the dedicated form window.KeePassX - screenshot #4KeePassX - screenshot #5KeePassX - screenshot #6KeePassX - screenshot #7KeePassX - screenshot #8KeePassX - screenshot #9

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