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A handy and easy to use application tailored to help you store your passwords, usernames and other sensitive information in a password-protected file

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Keep It a Secret! is a small and handy application that allows you to save text information to disk as a password-protected file.

Basic interface

Since the program's functions are few, the graphic user interface is expected to be primal and simple as well.

Keep It a Secret! is constituted of a single window which contains two tabs that allow you to access every feature of the application.

Built-in text editor

With Keep It a Secret! you can load text files directly from your drives and you can take advantage of the application's text editor to update the document.

You can choose from a list of text fonts one that will be applied to your entire block of text, and you can also set the text size.

The changes to the font and size of the text apply to the entire document instead of allowing you to modify only the part you have selected.

Securely save your files

When you save a text document with Keep It a Secret!, it is automatically encrypted in a unique manner, so the file cannot be decrypted and viewed with any other application.

You can quickly load any text file from your drives and save it as KIS format, which can only be accessed and viewed with Keep It a Secret!, meaning that your personal information will always be safe.

Before saving a file as KIS format, you will be required to input a password which you will have to remember.

This way, you can store all your sensitive information in an encrypted document that not only will require Keep It a Secret! to be accessed, but will also require your personal passkey in order to be accessed.

A secure way to store personal information

To summarize, Keep It a Secret! is a handy and easy to use application that allows you to store sensitive data as encrypted text files. The unique format that cannot be opened with any other application, and also the personal password required to view your documents make Keep It a Secret! an efficient tool for securing your text information.

Keep It a Secret! was reviewed by Sorin Apostol
Last updated on March 29th, 2014
Keep It a Secret! - The program allows you to input text information in order to save it to disk as a password-protected file.Keep It a Secret! - You can choose from various text fonts, adjust the text size and then save your file to a diskette.

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