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A reliable and efficient software solution that helps you generate strong passwords for protecting your online privacy and make your account hard to break

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No matter how many online accounts you use on a regular basis, you surely do your best to prevent any unauthorized access by protecting your data with powerful passwords.

However, if you often forget the strong passphrases you selected, you can rely on LongPass, a specialized utility that helps you generate and remember them at the same time.

Protect accounts with complicated ciphers by remembering 2 simple keys

The application is portable so you can simply store it on your removable device and launch it whenever you want to paste one of your passwords within a dedicated field.

When running it, you first need to enter a personal key phrase that you are sure you can remember - such as the birthday of your best friend or any other word or combination of letters that you can easily keep in mind, yet that is hard to guess by outsiders.

Next, you need to specify a passcode that is specific to the account you are interested in, such as FacebookProfile, twitteraccount and so on. Once more, it needs to be something intuitive and that you can easily remember when logging in to each service.

Effortlessly generate powerful passwords

After you entered the two simple keys, you can fully benefit from the functions of LongPass - press the Paste button and move the mouse cursor to the dedicated password field.

At this point, LongPass uses the two previously entered passcodes to generate a strong password that is extremely hard to break. This long password does not need to be remembered by you - whenever you input the two keys, in order, the same cipher will be generated over and over again, so your account details are safe.

An innovative approach to password generating

All in all, LongPass might seem a little bit difficult to get used to, yet its advantages outweigh the disadvantages - after all, you do not need to remember any intricate password and you also get to protect your online privacy with a unique passcode.

LongPass was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on May 10th, 2014

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