Opera Password Remover

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A useful application that will make it possible for any Opera user to remove the login credentials stored inside the web browser

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Many users rely on their web browser's ability to remember their login credentials for various websites, but few are aware that this practice could have bad consequences in case a malicious software or a hacker infiltrates the system.

This is particularly dangerous if the passwords are kept in a sort of database file in a folder belonging to the browser, because they can be decrypted and all your personal data can thus end up in the wrong hands.

In case you are among those who allow their Internet navigator to keep usernames and passwords, you might want to take a closer look at a utility like Opera Password Remover.

Uncomplicated GUI for easily removing login information

Once the installation is complete, the program can be deployed and set to work immediately, so that you can find any credentials that might be stored by Opera. All the functions are in plain sight, so users can speedily access them.

There is a generous space in the main window that is allocated to the query results and the information is displayed in an organized fashion, structured in several columns, one for the website, another for the username and the last one for the password.

One-click password identification and removal

A great advantage of Opera Password Remover is the speed with which it can fetch the login data, so all you will have to do is press the 'Show Passwords' button in order to have all the identified information presented momentarily and you can erase the selected credentials.

This program can automatically detect the folder where Opera stores the profile data, but in case you are using a portable version or, for some other reason, this directory is not found, you can specify the path manually.

A fast and effective solution for regaining privacy in Opera

To conclude, Opera Password Remover is definitely the tool to use whenever someone wants to see if any of their login details have been stored by the web browser. Cleaning that information takes just one click, so all users can benefit from this utility with minimal efforts.

Opera Password Remover was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on January 14th, 2015
Opera Password Remover - This is the main window of Opera Password Remover that allows you to view the stored passwords and delete them from the database.

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