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Securely store all your passwords and login information within a single place with the help of this simple, Java-based application

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PC Secrets is a cross-platform application that can help you create your own virtual vault, where all your confidential information is safely stored. You can use it as a password manager to store login data or enter any text you don't want others to read.

The database is protected by a master password and encrypted using 128 or 256-bit cipher keys (the latter requires you to have JCE Unlimited Strength Policy files installed on the PC), in order to limit the access of others to your private data.

The application provides support for an unlimited number of records, so you can create a large database of 'secrets'. Each entry can include a short description, a username and a password, en e-mail address and a personal note. All the 'secrets' are neatly displayed within the main window, enabling you to delete the ones you don't need anymore and modify others.

One of the advantages of PC Secrets is that it provides a way to securely synchronize the data you store on the computer with the database created on your Android phone by the Secrets for Android app. Practically, it is the computer version of the mobile app, based on the same structure and the same encryption algorithm, namely AES 256 bit. Alternatively, your secret database can be easily exported to your computer in CSV, JSON or XML format.

PC Secrets enables you to manage all your private information and safely hide it from prying eyes. Focusing on data protection, it features strong encryption and password protection, while also trying to keep things as simple as possible for beginners to use it without facing difficulties.

PC Secrets was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on March 30th, 2015
PC Secrets - You can create a new record to store in your secret database from the main window of PC Secrets.PC Secrets - From the 'File' menu of PC Secrets you can change the master password and regenerate the ciphers.PC Secrets - PC Secrets comes with a dedicated tool that enables you to synchronize your database with the Secrets for Android app.PC Secrets - screenshot #4PC Secrets - screenshot #5PC Secrets - screenshot #6PC Secrets - screenshot #7PC Secrets - screenshot #8

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