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A small password resetting tool that allows you to change or remove the password for your Windows account in case you have forgotten it

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Password Resetter is a lightweight tool that allows you to easily change the password for a Windows account. It comes in handy when you need to change the login details of multiple users in a short time.

Changing the password of a Windows account requires administrative rights and can be done from the Control Panel window. Since changing a password can prevent users from accessing their files, the account management dialog enables you to set a hint for the password.

Reset or remove your password using simple tasks

This program does not offer you the possibility to create a hint for the password recovery but it has the advantage of making modifications with minimum effort. All you need to do is run the BAT file, type in the user name and the new password.

By hitting Enter without typing a new password you can simply remove the protection altogether. This comes in handy when you have forgotten your password and need to change it in order to make modifications to your user account.

Alter the credentials for other users

Unlike changing your password from the Control Panel, this application does not require you to enter the current keyphrase. This allows you to modify the credentials on other systems and for other users by only specifying the user name.

However, changing the login details for another user might damage the encrypted files stored in the personal folders. Therefore, this tool cannot replace the password recovery disks that enable the user to reset their password without losing data.

Bottom line

When you want to reset your Windows password or change the login details, the Password Resetter is a great tool that can get the job done in just a few seconds.

Password Resetter was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on August 13th, 2014
Password Resetter - Password Resetter will open in your command prompt enabling you to start customizing your password.

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