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A reliable and handy software utility that can be used by all those looking to keep all their credentials within a single secure place

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It is advisable to use different credentials for each account you create, to ensure your privacy is as protected as possible against hackers, phishing attempts or simply ill-intentioned people.

However, you might start forgetting your passwords or get confused with the username you created for each account - this is why it is best to rely on a dedicated software solution such as Password Store.

Secure password manager for all credentials

When you install the application, you are required to specify the master password that you need to enter every time you open the main window.

It is best to use a passphrase that cannot be easily guessed by those around you, yet that is hard to remember for you, since forgetting it means your data can no longer be accessed.

Since the graphic interface is as intuitive as it can be, even novices will encounter no issues in adding their credentials to the password-protected app.

Quickly generate passwords for protecting your data

When it comes to inserting your records within Password Store, you need to assign a name to each entry, then enter the website address along with the username and password.

If you cannot decide which passphrase to use, the app can automatically generate one for you, with the length you consider to be the most appropriate. Unfortunately, you cannot decide which types of characters you prefer or which should be excluded.

User-friendly password manager for novices and experts alike

To wrap it up, Password Store can prove to be a reliable and secure utility for keeping all the account data within the same place. You can also synchronize your stored information with the bookmarks of Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Furthermore, since a master password is needed whenever someone wants to access the main window, you can also rest assured that no prying people can view your passwords or change them.

Password Store was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on April 18th, 2014
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