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Secret Password Keeper is useful, powerful and award winning password saver software





Secret Password Keeper is useful, powerful and award winning password saver software.

Tired of trying to remember all your different passwords? Sick of Internet Explorer's built in password saving that lets anyone using your computer access your password protected accounts? Now you can store all your passwords for easy access in one secure location.

Splash Screen
After installing Secret Password Keeper you will notice a desktop icon resembling a key. When you click on the desktop icon you first will see a blue splash screen. Depending on the speed of your operating system this splash screen may appear longer than other machines.

Create A Password
The first time you use secret password keeper you are required to enter a password so that no one can access your password information if they were on your computer.

Quick Start / Read Me
When you start your program you can learn helpful hints that may make using our software a litter easier for you. Our Quick Start Read Me file is very helpful and may answer some of your Frequently asked questions.

Add An Entry
You can add a new password entry by clicking the green Add button with the plus sign on it. after clicking the green add button you then can input the username, password, and website of your secret password. press save when you want to lock in an entry.

Go To / Navigate
click the goto button to navigate to the highligted website. then press copy username to copy your username to te clip board. once usernae is copied to clipboard you can paste it into the password field. do the same for the username and then login. its that easy!
Last updated on March 16th, 2006
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