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Create, divide into categories and store a database of account usernames and passwords using this simple and intuitive Microsoft Excel macro

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Sigos Password Manager is a reliable and easy to use Microsoft Excel add-in that enables you to store passwords in a secure place. You can easily use the add-in in order to create a secure space where you can keep usernames and passwords away from unauthorised users’ access.

Simple to use Microsoft Excel tool

Given the fact that Sigos Password Manager is an Excel macro, you may only use it if you have the program installed on your computer. The add-in features a pleasant interface and it is easy to handle, since you can set up a database of login credentials for all types of online accounts. Simply select the desired account and the macro can display the username and password.

The passwords are hidden at all times, including when you create a new database entry. If the account is also new, you may allow the macro to generate a random password. This way the login data is hidden, even from you, so the risk of it being discovered is very low.

Creating and managing a database of private information

Adding or editing a new account can be done with just a few mouse clicks. You need to select the Edit button, next to the account field, then add the new information. Changing the name of the account automatically generates a new entry in the database. The Copy button, next to each field allows you to send the username or password to clipboard, then paste it in the dedicated field.

Since the data stored with Sigos Password Manager is private and needs to stay hidden from unauthorised users, the add-in itself is protected with a password. The Copy to clipboard function can be used to paste the password into a field where the characters are revealed, so restricting the access of other users is very important.

Simple and secure storage space for passwords

Sigos Password Manage offers you a secure space for centralizing and storing sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords. Not only can it store and protect your private data, but it also allows you to sort the credentials into categories, quickly access the account webpage, then paste in the username and password.

Sigos Password Manager was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on April 11th, 2015
Sigos Password Manager - From the main window, users can define usernames and passwords to create new accountsSigos Password Manager - The Options menu allows users to save, lock the application and view the space usageSigos Password Manager - Users can access the Settings menu to enable category sorting, the password generator and to save before closingSigos Password Manager - From the dedicated window, users can export or import a database and can set a background to the home page

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