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A simple and easy to use password generator and manager, that can help you create complicated access keys and safely stores them for you

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The Passguard is a user-friendly and reliable software solution whose main function is to help you create strong passwords, of any length, using only the types of characters you want.

The first time you launch the application you will be required to choose a password that will be your access key for every time you start The Passguard. You can only change it from within the program, as such it is advisable that you remember it.

In order to create new passwords, you need to click on the appropriate button and a window will appear, enabling you to choose the type of characters you want it to contain, namely upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. You can even set its length and assign it a username. You can then press the 'Create Now!' button and it is automatically sent to the program's main window.

From the main window, passwords can be copied and pasted into other applications, or they can be removed from the list, using the corresponding options from the context menu. This way, you can manage and organize all your access keys and usernames, from a single location that is itself password-protected.

A negative aspect of this tool is that fact that you can only create one password at a time, by setting up the preferred conditions and clicking the 'Create Now!' button repeatedly, as it does not support a batch mode.

The Passguard is a portable utility, meaning you can carry it with you wherever you go, on a USB drive and use it on any computer. Additionally, it creates no registry entries and you can remove it from your system simply by deleting it.

To summarize, The Passguard is an efficient application that can prove quite handy in helping you generate random passwords as well as manage them, saving you valuable time and keeping you protected at the same time.

The PassGuard was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on July 2nd, 2015
The PassGuard - The PassGuard is a simple to use and reliable application designed to generate and store passwords for different usernames.The PassGuard - The software can easily generate complicated passwords, with letters, digits and special symbols, containing tens of characters.The PassGuard - The software is also password protected, since it stores the records of all the created login credentials, which are private.

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