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A simple to use application capable of generating numerous high-entropy passwords, based on identifiers and secret input phrases

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Ultra Password Creator is a high-entropy password generator that enables you to acquire strong pass phrases based on certain identifiers. Thus the software does not randomly generate passwords, but instead, requires two elements that define the contents of the string: the secret input phrase and the password identifier.

Create passwords from memory

Ultra Password Creator allows you to easily create or recreate a password, based on memorized phrases and identifiers. The software can create a key from two parts: the secret input phrase and the password identifier. While the secret input phrase is mandatory, the password identifier is optional, but increases the strength of the key.

The secret input phrase is what determines the characters contained in the password. It can be a verse from a poem, a line, a phone number, a list or virtually any piece of text with up to thousands of characters. The SIP is case sensitive and punctuation sensitive, meaning that even the slightest change in the phrase structure determines a completely different password.

Generate or recreate passwords with one click

As long as you can memorize the secret input phrase and (optionally) the password identifier, Ultra Password Creator can easily reveal your key. By default, it contains upper and lower case letters plus digits. Special symbols are not supported, but you may decide how many characters should the password contain. Moreover, the Password Entropy field indicates the strength of the phrase, while the Clear Parameters enables you to clean any record of the password from the software and from clipboard.

As you generate a key in Ultra Password Creator, the string is automatically copied into clipboard, so you can easily paste it in the required field. This manoeuvre is designed to help you copy the correct key. Once you have cleared all the parameters, all the records of your current password are erased, but you may retrieve it, by using the password identifier. Simply save the profile within Ultra Password Creator before clearing the data, then load the saved record. This step does not retrieve your password, only its length.

High-entropy passwords

Keys created with Ultra Password Creator are suitable for anyone who wishes to produce a high-entropy key from memory or needs a strong master password. Moreover, you may easily distribute fresh keys to groups of people or create an ultra powerful password for bank accounts or certain other legal circumstances.

Ultra Password Creator was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 21st, 2014
Ultra Password Creator - Ultra Password Creator is a simple to use application designed to generate strong passwords with custom character length.Ultra Password Creator - The software relies on two elements in order to generate a password: the secret input phrase and the password identifier.Ultra Password Creator - You may also set the password length, then let the software automatically generate the character string and paste it to clipboard.

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