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An intuitive and easy to use application designed to generate random strings of alpha-numeric characters, that can be used as passwords by Web users

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Webmaster Password Generator is a lightweight application designed to help you obtain strong passwords, with many types of characters. It can generate numerous combinations of alpha-numeric characters, of upper cases and lower cases, even special symbols.

Create strong passwords for online accounts

Webmaster Password Generator comes in handy when you wish to create a strong password and protect your online accounts or encrypt files with sensitive information. It is suitable for webmasters and web hosting companies, since it can create numerous character combinations, in completely random order.

You can select which type of characters to include in the password. Thus, you may choose to include letters, digits, upper or lower case characters, as well as symbols, such as parentheses, currency signs or mathematical elements.

Additional character combinations

You may insert all the available types of characters in your password, or create a custom encryption phrase, by specifying the exact symbols you wish to include. Thus, you may type in a word and let the software make permutations in order to obtain random sequences containing exclusively the characters you selected.

Moreover, you can specify the exact length of the desired password. The longer the password is, the more difficult it is for other software to retrieve it. This is why certain services or websites require a minimum length for your password.

Strong password generator

The software can batch create passwords, with each click of the button Generate. The sequences are displayed in groups of five, but the software can generate several more. You can copy the list of passwords to clipboard or export and save it to your computer as a text file.


Webmaster Password Generator uses the permutation algorithm, in order to create random strings of letters, digits and other symbols. The passwords created this way can be very strong and offer a high level of protection, against password retrieval software. You may generate several new passwords with one click of your mouse.

Webmaster Password Generator was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on July 3rd, 2014
Webmaster Password Generator - Webmaster Password Generator is a simple and intuitive software that can create random passwords, of desired lengths.Webmaster Password Generator - You simply need to select which type of characters you wish the password to contain, as well as it's exact length.