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A useful and simple application that enables you to easily reset and change your password within minutes without reinstalling the system

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Windows Password Recovery Tool is a complex and comprehensive application worth having when you need to recover Windows passwords without reinstalling the system.

The application comes with a practical and simple interface from where you can create a bootable CD or DVD disk in order to reset administrator and other user account passwords. Simply select the partition or USB flash drive you want, then recover your password.

After that, you need to choose the user account that you want to reset the password for, then recover the passcode for the current account.

Because nowadays we are getting stucked in bank account numbers, credit cards and various access codes that are related to our job, we might have the bad luck of forgetting the system's password.

Although it supports multiple file systems like FAT16 or NTFS and various types of hard drives such as IDE or SATA, Windows Password Recovery Tool proves to be a complete and reliable solution that helps you to reset forgotten passwords for local administrator and other user accounts on all popular operating systems.

The application not only retrieves forgotten Windows password, but it also helps you to remove local admin and other users passwords and accounts. In case some of your coworkers changed your password from your PC, you can easily use Windows Password Recovery Tool in order to recover the passcode, as well as to create a new local admin account.

Hence, either you want to recover your forgotten password or simple create a new admin account, Windows Password Recovery Tool is worth a shot. No need to call a professional technician and you certainly don't need to reformat the partition or reinstall the system.

Adopting a straightforward approach, Windows Password Recovery Tool is suitable for both home and business users because the recovery process is non-destructive with no data loss. It helps you to quickly retrieve forgotten passwords for each selected account.

Windows Password Recovery Tool Standard was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on August 26th, 2015
Windows Password Recovery Tool Standard [DISCOUNT: $5 OFF!] - You can use Windows Password Recovery Tool Standard to easily create a password reset bootable disk or USB drive.

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