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A handy and straightforward tool that allows you to remove any temporary, junk or residual files created by your operating system

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Whenever browsing or using applications, your operating system creates files in which volatile or temporary information is stored. Although these files should be deleted after a certain period of time, some of them might still avoid removal, thus unnecessarily occupying disk space.

3R System Cleaner is a crafty piece of software that deals with these sort of files, by scanning your computer and removing any junk, residual or temporary files found.

Handy utility for system cleaning

The application helps you remove residual or temporary files created by your programs at some point, which have not been deleted by your system. These junk files can stack up and occupy quite a large amount of disk memory, although individual files merely measure a few Mb.

Furthermore, the program scans the “temp” folder and the directories where Windows OS junk files are normally kept, giving you the option to remove them, if any are found after a system scan.

Dependable tool for removing junk files

3R System Cleaner can help you customize your scans, in order to avoid deleting files that might still be needed. You can specify which folders will be searched for junk, along with the preferred file extensions that will undergo the scanning. Additionally, you can specify the scan deepness, meaning that you can search a certain number of subfolders.

On top of that, you can include or exclude from the scanning process disks, flash, CD-Rom, network or RAM-Disk drives, depending on your preferences.


All in all, 3R System Cleaner can help you maintain your disk drives clear from any junk, temporary or residual files, by scanning them and removing any of these files that it encounters. Through a simplistic, yet efficient interface, you can change your scanning options, then proceed in removing any temporary or residual files found.

3R System Cleaner was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on September 21st, 2014
3R System Cleaner - The main window of 3R System Cleaner allows users to view details about your PC, such as processor name and username3R System Cleaner - You can rely on 3R System Cleaner to scan your computer and remove the items you no longer need3R System Cleaner - 3R System Cleaner displays all the detected items and you can choose the ones you want to remove