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Make sure your unwanted and deleted files have completely gone and are beyond recovery using different secure cleaning algorithms

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Kernel File Shredder is a secure cleaning application whose purpose is to help you remove files and folders permanently from your computer so they cannot be retrieved using recovery programs.

The utility is specialized in wiping out items stored on the hard disk, system files, Recycle Bin content, useless items, as well as free disk space.

You need to set up a master password before gaining access to the program’s features. This also prevents other users’ from making changes to your settings.

Shredding tasks

Kernel File Shredder offers you the possibility to build up a list with the files and folders that you want to delete. You can also remove items from the list and export the list to a file on your computer so you can import data in your future deletion jobs.

You get to choose between different secure cleaning algorithms, such as Zeros (1 Passes), DoD 5220 (3 passes), German VSITR (7 passes), and Peter Gutmann (35 passes).

The application shows a list with all the files sent to the Recycle Bin and lets you delete them. Furthermore, you can get rid of system files, wipe the free space on hard disk to ensure data cannot be recovered, as well as remove obsolete files using filters (file extension).

Scheduled tasks and configuration settings

You can set up tasks by specifying the files and directories that you want to completely shred beyond recovery, including system files (temporary items and Windows temporary files) and Internet traces (temporary Internet files and cookies) in the cleaning process, as well as deleting the contents of the Recycle Bin.

Tasks can be scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly, at a specific date and time. You can also pick the preferred deletion algorithm. A few configuration settings help you set the default shredding method, create log files, and change the software access password.

Bottom line

All things considered, Kernel File Shredder provides an intuitive interface and support for diverse secure cleaning algorithms for helping you make sure data is deleted for good from your computer. It is suitable for rookies and professionals alike.

Kernel File Shredder was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on May 20th, 2015
Kernel File Shredder - The main window allows users to select the shredding method and files or folders they wish to deleteKernel File Shredder - Users can access the dedicated section when they want to easily delete files stored in Recycle BinKernel File Shredder - From the System Files section, users can shred Windows and Internet temporary filesKernel File Shredder - The Free Disk Space section allows users to scan the free disk space and make sure that deleted file are beyond recoveryKernel File Shredder - Users can access the Useless Files section to select files, folders or even a drive they want to scanKernel File Shredder - screenshot #6Kernel File Shredder - screenshot #7Kernel File Shredder - screenshot #8Kernel File Shredder - screenshot #9Kernel File Shredder - screenshot #10Kernel File Shredder - screenshot #11