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An intuitive and reliable software solution that makes sure the data you delete can no longer be recovered, even using dedicated apps

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When you delete confidential data from your computer, ill-intentioned people can use dedicated recovery software and restore it, then use it to harm you or your business - this is possible because emptying the Recycle Bin does not actually remove the files from the hard disk, so they are still recoverable. To ensure that your erased documents are truly wiped from your HDD, you can rely on Roborub.

The application installs without any issues, and in order to access its main window you will need to press the default hotkeys as mentioned in the documentation - this combination can be customized to your liking, so as to make sure unauthorized users cannot access this app and delete files you still need.

The graphic interface of Roborub is intuitive and user-friendly and you can effortlessly select the files or folders you choose. Furthermore, you can also remove the contents of an entire drive, with a single mouse click.

Roborub also comes in handy when you want to clean all files that share a certain extension without manually adding them to a list.

Additionally, you can choose the wiping strength that you prefer, depending on how valuable your files are - Roborub can overwrite your erased data once or multiple times, thus helping you make sure it will not be recoverable anymore.

This utility can also help you delete additional information from your PC, such as the recent file history, USB device logs or the browser history, so as to ensure no private data is left behind.

All in all, Roborub can be a useful application for all those who work with confidential documents on a daily basis and need to make sure they cannot be restored. A license needs to be purchased if you want to unlock all the functions of the app.

Roborub was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on January 20th, 2014
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