Sakina Privacy Protector

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Keep your PC activity private by eliminating visited URLs and file traces, such as Recycle Bin contents, cookies, favorites and Windows temporary files

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Sakina Privacy Protector is a simple-to-use program that enables you to protect the privacy of your information by removing file traces and clearing web browsers of visited URLs. It comes packed with with a bunch of approachable options that can be quickly figured out.

Pay attention to the installer

The setup procedure doesn't take a long time to finish. However, since it's an ad-supported product, the tool offers to download and install third-party components that it doesn't actually need to work properly. These offers can be declined to make a clean installation, though.

As far as the interface goes, the application adopts a regular window with a plain and simple structure, which lists the cleaner options at startup.

Select the items to delete

Sakina Privacy Protector is capable of cleaning temporary Internet files, the Internet history folder, cookies, typed URLs, URL history, favorites, Windows temporary files, the Recycle Bin, Run history, recent programs, and the last logon user, among others.

Set up a whitelist with links

What's more, you can can create a list with URLs to keep. All you have to do is make a custom selection and ask the tool to take care of everything. Buttons for selecting and deselecting all options are available. Once the job is done, you can check out the process log with the full path for each deleted file.

Evaluation and conclusion

Files were swiftly deleted in our tests, during which the program remained light on system resources usage, thanks to the fact that it needed low CPU and RAM to work properly. However, its set of features and configuration settings is not that extensive. We must also take into account that Sakina Privacy Protector hasn't been updated for a while. Otherwise, you can give it a shot, since it's freeware.

Sakina Privacy Protector was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on June 22nd, 2015
Sakina Privacy Protector - Select the files you want to remove from your computer and press the Apply button for the program to function.Sakina Privacy Protector - The Urls To keep tab lets you keep or delete all the unwanted URLs stored on your PC.