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Sakina Privacy Protector is an extensive application which wraps up the most important plug-ins, features, and sheer power one may ask from this kind of privacy oriented software. It enables custom cleaning of all the files stored on your computer. If you think you already have the solution and you only need to delete your browser cache and history to stay safe and secure, well you are wrong!

All other records from your activity on the Web are unsafely kept on your computer! You can be easily uncovered with regard to your net surfing. In short, whatever information you are searching for or whatever sites you visit on the Internet can be easily found out by virtually anyone using your computer.
The program's wide-ranging capability will be appreciated right away as it helps you delete the cache, cookies, history, Windows Traces, typed URLs, run history, search history, recent docs and auto-complete memory from your browsers. Moreover, junk and obsolete files in the Windows temp folder are also dealt with (read: erased) and your default HomePage of your internet browser gets protection against undesirable modification.

This easy and secure software will clean activity and history traces and securely delete online Internet tracks kept in your browser and in hidden files.
Last updated on April 3rd, 2013
Sakina Privacy Protector - Select the files you want to remove from your computer and press the Apply button for the program to function.Sakina Privacy Protector - The Urls To keep tab lets you keep or delete all the unwanted URLs stored on your PC.

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A tool that keeps your private info uncompromised.


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