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TEMP Cleaner will help you delete temporay files

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TEMP Cleaner provides you with a very easy-to-use application to help you get rid of leftovers bloating your system drive. The source of these files can vary from program installers that just don’t care whether you have unlimited disk space or not to software that uses the temporary locations of your Windows installation and don’t bother cleaning up after that.

TEMP Cleaner does not feature a standalone interface and that may be somehow of a drawback in case you really need to know what happens from the time you click on the “Clean” button to the moment when the program notifies you of the operation’s completion and it only depends on the amount of data the program has to clean.

At a closer inspection, the cleaning utility does exactly what’s expected of it. Its two aims are the “Temp” folder within the Application Data directory of the currently logged users as well as the Windows Temp folder. No other folder is considered for deletion, thus no monkey business. The fact that the developer has chosen to keep the processes away from the user’s view can only be due to the fact that it would have required more programming knowledge.

TEMP Cleaner’s simple approach to the matter at hand is bold move, yet a good one. The application does not interfere with other folders than the ones it should with, so you can rest assured that its job is a noble one that hides nothing but, maybe, a progress bar.

All in all, TEMP Cleaner helps you more than you can imagine. If constantly receiving the “Low Disk Space” warning from your operating system, then TEMP Cleaner can be the short-term solution. Also, when defragmenting, make sure you run it prior to that process in order to cut times spent moving temporary files from one location to another.

TEMP Cleaner was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on March 27th, 2013
TEMP Cleaner