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A software utility designed to help you detect malicious browser toolbars installed on your computer and efficiently remove them

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Browser toolbars are a constant bother nowadays, due to the fact that they are included in a large number of installers around the Internet. Moreover, they can also pose security threats, in case they happen to collect data about you and your computer for malicious purposes.

Scan your computer for installed toolbars

Tiger Toolbar Removal is a software utility that enables you to find and remove such toolbars, by scanning your system for a wide range of known threats. In addition, the operation functions the same way regardless of the web browser you are using, since the application scans your entire computer, not just the installed browsers.

The scan process can be manually started at any time and aborted whenever you want, while the detected items are displayed in a list. In addition, you are also provided with the object's location on your system, in case you want to manually remove it on your own. The utility displays the total number of checked items as well, together with the number of detected threats.

Remove unwanted objects

Once the scan is complete, you can head on and start the cleaning procedure, which enables you to remove every unwanted item quickly and efficiently. In case you want to keep certain toolbars, you can deselect them from the list and force the application to ignore them, while the rest are quickly removed entirely from your system.

To keep you safe from newer threats, the utility's database is constantly updated with new definitions, which allows you to prevent being caught off-guard by new types of malicious content. In addition, you can also view a list of the most common adware-ridden toolbars, in order to avoid them while you browse the Internet or install new software.

A quick and efficient toolbar remover

All in all, Tiger Toolbar Removal provides you with a useful service, especially if you happen to pick-up annoying toolbars on a regular basis and you need a fast way to get rid of them. Moreover, the simple and intuitive interface makes it very easy to perform the removal operation, regardless of how experienced you are with computers.

Tiger Toolbar Removal was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 29th, 2014
Tiger Toolbar Removal - The scan process analyzes your system for any kind of malicious toolbars you may have installed and displays the detected items.