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A handy and easy to use application that allows you to easily secure your computer against malware or backup your files on the spot

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Keeping your computer safe against all sort of threats requires a dependable application that can secure you from known and unknown malware, whilst offering you a way to backup your data.

Fortunately, ABpremiumpc is a dependable software solution that can do just this. It gives you the possibility to secure all your important data and information, as well as back it up or perform certain analysis upon the behavior patterns of your programs.

Handy computer protection tool

The application provides you with several functions that can help you increase the protection of your computer, perform data backup or secure your data from identity theft. This way, you can cover most of the aspects regarding your computer’s security with just one application.

In addition, you can set the program to block certain applications from performing modifications on your computer. This is a useful feature, as you can prevent changes to your system by restricting the access of certain applications to it. You can also block certain Internet protocols in order to restrict downloads and webpages.

Straightforward and easy to use system security utility

With the help of ABpremiumpc, you can easily secure your computer from malware threats, identity theft or unauthorized changes. Aside from this, you can backup and protect your information from system crashes or malfunctions.

Furthermore, you can perform behavior analysis of your programs, so that you can see how it modifies your system over time. A handy feature of the program allows you to set parental control over over several applications, so that children cannot access them and delete or modify important data from your computer

A reliable computer security program

To conclude, ABpremiumpc provides you with several tools that can help you easily secure your computer from various malware threats, viruses, unwanted system modifications or identity theft.

ABpremiumpc was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 23rd, 2014
ABpremiumpc - ABpremiumpc allows you to secure your computer against security threats, viruses or identity theft.ABpremiumpc - From the Events section, you can monitor all your opened applications or only those that use your network.ABpremiumpc - By accessing the unauthorized section, you can select which Internet protocols are allowed for connections, such as FTP or SMTP.ABpremiumpcABpremiumpcABpremiumpcABpremiumpcABpremiumpcABpremiumpcABpremiumpcABpremiumpcABpremiumpcABpremiumpcABpremiumpcABpremiumpcABpremiumpc